Week 20

So I have been working for several week now to memorize all of the 7-Laws of the Mind.  I, for the most part have 6 of them nailed.  Down pat.  Minimal effort to resight them……….except for one.  The law of forgiveness.  Not that it’s a difficult one to memorize.  Not that I disagree with it’s […]

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Week 19

What would the person I intend to become, do next? Great question.  I pondered it.  Mulled it over.  And maybe lost at least a small amount of sleep.  I sat on it.  Waited.  And, not really much to my surprise, the doorway presented itself.  Like a light bulb, as they say.  Too many signs, signals, […]

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Week 17

What am I pretending not to know? Am I pretending to not know what I want from life?  I don’t think so, I am reasonably certain I do.  Am I pretending to not know how to achieve it?  Also quite certain I know how to get there.  Am I pretending to not know that I […]

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Week 17

Imagination.  My virtue to watch for during this week.  I have been quickly reminded that imagination is EVERYWHERE!  Imagination is literally everywhere, in everyone and everything.  From the massive network of mechanisms and technology it takes to be able to write this blog to the carpet that my feet are currently resting upon.  It took […]

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Week 16

Quite a jump huh!?  I said it before, blogging is not my greatest attribute.  But here I am, doing it now. I was told yesterday, by what are turning out to be GREAT friends, Lisa & Jason Houser “just get on there and do it, doesn’t have to be fancy, doesn’t have to be perfect.  […]

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Week 10

Week 10….where to start? I could blog about repeating aloud my SMART goals/law of giving/services whenever I encounter their corresponding shapes.  I could blog about the positive, infections attitude that has come over me.  I could blog of my sales accomplishments I achieved…………I could blog about doing my daily pushups/body squats on a rest stop […]

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Week 9

12:01am………………….can’t sleep….too many thoughts running through my mind.  But not bad thoughts………..GREAT THOUGHTS!!!  Business plans forming in my head.  Do it now.  Navigating opportunities that are emerging.  Do it now.  Pitching ideas and concepts.  Do it now.  So much so, that I jumped out of bed after realizing what was happening.  My mind is literally […]

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Week 7

Holy smokes!  Mark was on fire tonight. err.  Yesterday. I was unable to watch yesterday’s webcast after technical difficulties part way through.  So I got to it just now.  And it was exciting.  Mark’s energy and message were amazing.  He really struck home with me. Furthermore, my motivation and drive as of late are phenomenal.  […]

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Week 5

Been a busy last couple of weeks.  But busy in a good way.  Figuring out the new sales job.  LOVE IT by the way!  Learning new processes, helping develop others, meeting new clients daily, researching our latest products etc. etc.  Been really great though, really feel like I’m coming into my own.  New routine with […]

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Week 3

Super cool treat.  Went in for my monthly haircut.  Sat down, waited for my stylist and out walks a man I recognize yet have not had the pleasure of meeting in person.  Jason Houser!………..No? Lol.  The husband of the hairstylist who introduced me to MKMMA, and a graduate of the MKE.  I was stoked.  He […]

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